The MAP to Your Ideal Life

Charleen Hess is a dynamic speaker and powerful transformation coach. She helps women and men who are feeling overwhelmed or stuck reclaim a joyous life by cultivating a deeper self connection and remembering how to play.

She began her own transformation process in her late 30’s after watching her mother die as a martyr, always in service to others, having never lived her own life. This was Charleen’s wake up call, as she realized she was on the very same path. “I was living the perfect life on the outside. I was a loving mother, devoted wife, active church member, and successful business owner. However, on the inside I was totally disconnected from me and had lost touch with who I truly was. I had become a human Doing rather than a human Being”.

In an effort to find joy and meaning in her own life Charleen spent a decade trying to connect to her true self by reading self help books, seeing councilors and attending spiritual workshops. Her biggest shift came through working with a Life Coach specializing in healing core wounds through a deep emotional release process.

Charleen was able to completely heal her past and create a whole new life. She now helps others to reclaim their lives of purpose and joy using the same process she used for herself. The piece she most recently discovered and incorporated into her work is the transformational power of Play. “As whole beings connected to ourselves, we can’t ignore our innate desire and need to play”.

Charleen has brilliantly put all of the pieces together to create her proprietary method of self discovery and transformation. She teaches you how to build your own MAP to deeper self connection. Through a regular practice of Meditation, Self Awareness and Play, you can reconnect to your true authentic self and create the life you are meant to live. Transformation does not have to be arduous and take decades to arrive. The shift into fun starts now.

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