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About Charleen

Certified Movement & Fitness Coach

Charleen is a movement enthusiast who really just loves to play. “My passion is to get people moving  freely and painlessly. I want to help people  experience a deeper connection with their own body by building Strength, Stamina, Balance and Flexibility. The stronger and more agile you are the more you can play without physical limitations.  Whether it is dancing, hiking, bicycling, climbing, playing a sport, or  crawling and playing with your children or grandchildren, our bodies are designed to move and play”.

Charleen’s transition from aesthetics based bodybuilding and ‘boot camp’ aerobics  to functional movement  and tactical  fitness has proved to be an educational and  adventurous 20+ year journey.  She has gained much knowledge and experience in the many different forms  and methodology of training and has created a unique approach all her own.

Charleen loves to train with everything from, Kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells, parralettets, sand bags, balls, ropes, gymnastics rings, hula hoops, and most recently Clubbells. However equipment is not required to play, her favorite type of body weight movement is Primal Move Intu-Flow, Flowfit, dancing, calisthenics/gymnastics, yoga,  Aerial acrobats and “anything Scott Sonnon or Ido Portal teaches”. For me It’s all about expressing yourself through moving your body and finding Flow!”

As a certified personal trainer and CST instructor she uses and applies the methodology of  the CST Circular Strength Training 3- Ring System which integrates joint mobility, multiplanar progressive resistance and compensatory movement. This is also demonstrated in her group TACFIT and CLUBBELL ATHLETICS classes. The Tri-Ring Integration allows you to balance work and recovery so that you maximize the effectiveness of your exercise while accelerating recovery so that you prevent injuries, pain and soreness.Charleen is a natural teacher and a fun coach. Her instruction is descriptive and easy to understand. She works with all ages and fitness levels from beginner to advanced. She meets you where you are at and brings you up to your fullest potential.

Charleen is an ACE certified personal trainer as well as CST instructor. She currently holds instructors certifications in Primal Move, Ground Force Method,  Clubbell Athletics, Clubbell Yoga, and TACFIT. She has also received training in SFG Kettlebell courses and the Ido Portal Corset Workshop.

Fit Philosophy

Helping you to connect to your body and move pain free is my number one absolute focus. My goal is to maximize the effectiveness of your exercise while accelerating recovery so that you prevent injuries, pain, and soreness. I want you to be able to Play without physical limitations and progress at the pace that is right for you and your body. Helping you find your flow, allowing you to joyfully play while keeping a connection to your body is my priority.

What I Offer

I offer you a wide a variety of services to help you reach the best version of you. This includes personal training, semi-private coaching, group classes, wholeness life coaching sessions, and movement specialization. I can’t wait to help you experience true Connection and Freedom of movement within your body mind and spirit. I will help you build Strength, Stamina, Balance & Flexibility in your body, Connection, Awareness, Freedom and Joy in your heart and mind. I want you to feel fully alive and connected so you can really PLAY full out!


I am really just a hyper passionate kinesthetic person with a lot of life experience who really loves to CONNECT and PLAY. In addition to my education I have many titles, roles, and experience that makes me great at what I do. I am really gifted at understanding and meeting people right where they’re at. I have many diverse tools to help people overcome any obstacle and reach their greatest potential not only for their fitness, but also mental & emotional health and overall well being. I am dedicated to to helping people experience a deeper connection with their Body, Mind, Spirit & Tribe bringing them to greater Strength, Balance, Freedom and Joy.

Charleen is a patient, knowledgeable instructor and very good at providing clear instructions and demonstrations of the movements. As a result I noticed an increase in my endurance level while lowering my heart rate. The success from TACFIT has carried over into my training for Kettlebell Sport. Charleen's class is excellent for an ability/fitness level and I highly encourage you to take her class!

Ruthie BakerFitness Client

I can truly say, Charleen has helped my overall posture and core area. I'm mindful of my body tendencies and body technique and another component of TACFIT, is the mental balance helped me stay focused and increased my overall participation with individuals at work and play! In short, surely worth the investment!

Fred EningowukFitness Client

Charleen's program not only focuses on the how, but the why. She helps you explore your motivations to really find the key to your success - Identifying the thing that you want and why you want it. By understanding this piece, your focus can sharpen on your goals and your means to achieve them.

Jen JohnsonFitness Client

I feel very much back on track and ready to continue my journey to becoming a stronger, healthier, and more conscientious version of myself. This challenge isn’t just working out twice a week – it’s everything. Charleen really works from the inside out. She helps you identify toxic thought and behavior patterns and ways to work through them. Also, the life coaching and nutritional advice she provided was beyond helpful. Charleen has an incredible amount of knowledge and expertise to share, and in addition, she truly cares about each of her clients. I have never seen someone work so hard and put so much energy and love into what she does for a living. I would highly recommend this challenge to anyone who is ready to make positive changes in their life and wants someone who will motivate, support, and encourage them throughout the entire process.

Dana Cummings12-Week Transformation Challenge

Charleen delivers to her students what she has trained for most of her life. Her dedication as a Professional Trainer & Coach is revealed to you as she walks you through this program. She has a way of inspiring and transforming people’s lives – physically & emotionally. The program gradually introduced me to certain elements week by week where I begin to uncover clear realizations that helped Me move closer to my goals. In class she really breaks down the movements so you begin to understand your body mechanics – walking you through the baby steps, creating core stability and new patterns of movement you take with you into your daily life. It is so much about Stress and Recovery and Adapting to your own life circumstances.

Norma Meyers12-Week Transformation Challenge

Charleen has been such an inspiration and light in my life! Her knowledge and care towards my progression with fitness, strength, and positive self talk has helped me not only with my body but with my mind. I will be working with her for a long long time! Thank you, Charleen!

Nisha BhattFitness Client

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